White Man Banished to Caucasus Mountains – Pt. 12

fedex-stickIf the white man was so smart…

Why would he leave civilization where vegetation is plush, resources are plentiful and the weather is suitable, to instead go live in the ice and snow? He was PUT in Europe and Banished to those hills and caves to live and stay.

Leaving off from Tricknology of the White Man – Pt. 11.

“This is the reason why American so-called Negroes can never agree on unity among themselves, which would put them on top overnight. The devils keep them divided by paid informers from among themselves. They keep such fools among us. But, the real truth about the devils sometimes converts the informers, and brings them over to us as true believers. We don’t bother about killing them, as I am not teaching that which I want to be kept a secret, but that which the world has not known and should know.”Elijah Muhammad

There is living proof of what Elijah Muhammad spoke of. There is all of this talk of unity and usually nothing gets done. There is a disagreement in “My doctrine” against “your doctrine” or  “I’m this or “I’m that”. There are people who look like them that take oaths not to tell the truth to them.

Due to the arrival of the white man amongst the original people, disharmony came about and they soon began fighting and killing each other. They Original people (black nation) were not able to understand just exactly why there was no longer any peace amongst themselves.

Eventually and agreement was made and they brought the matter to the king.

The King

rastafariThe king told the holy people of the Black nation:

“…the trouble they were having was caused by the white devils in their midst, and that there would be no peace among them until they drove these white made devils from among them.”Elijah Muhammad

The Original people of the black nation, set out to gather up as many of the white people as they could find. This meant that in the long run they did not get one hundred percent (100%) of them. Some of them stayed behind and blended in or  amalgamated with the dark, olive-skinned people.

The King Said :

“Gather up every one of the devils up and strip them of their costume. Put an apron on them to hide their nakedness. Take all literature from them and take them by way of the desert.”

  1. Put an apron on them to hide their nakedness
Put an apron on them to hide their nakedness.


A so-called Black man joining a white fraternal order is like the ADULT asking the CHILD “Please tell me who I am”

A So called Black Man joining a white fraternal order is like the Adult (Black man) asking the child (White man) to “Please tell me who I am, and teach me about the secrets of what my people did to your kind.”

The white man has no significant history…so he can do nothing more than make  attempts to try and repeat it. The white man has nothing. Thats why he steals everything and then claims it as his own.


2. Take all literature away from them (This is another repetition of history of how during the times of slavery. The slaves weren’t allowed to read or write. Sadly, this has been as acceptable in the communities of them and ignorance of their own history and the world they live in is nothing to be frowned upon. But, many are waking up to who they are. The so-called Black people are waking up out of their sleep.

Well…they did give them the bible, but the white man reconstructed and taught the bible t his liking. Why would they give the slaves something that would help them?


The King continues to speak

The king said :

“Send a caravan, armed with rifles, to keep the devils going westward. Don’t allow one of them to turn back; and, if they are lucky enough to get across the Arabian Desert, let them go into the hills of West Asia, the place they now call Europe.”

The whites were driven from civilization into the hills and cave-sides of Europe. They were stripped of everything, but their language.

***Remember the white man can do nothing but repeat history. This is similar to how they stripped their so-called slaves of everything. A so called black person cannot be a slave because they are not Slavic people. The Original slaves were the white people. So to repeat, the account of above is a repetition of history by the white man because he stripped his ‘slaves’ of everything. He stripped them of their culture and history. This is part of the reason why the white man was and STILL IS so hell bend on rewriting history. He wants to hide the truth of where he really comes from and what happened to him (them).

So the Original People (black nation) gathered and rounded up as many whites as they could find. Roped and rounded them up and made them march across the desert.

Once again…the white man just repeating history


The colonizing, genocidal invader has the nerve to tell the people who were on the land (long before a white person crawled the earth) when and where they cannot go and creating imaginary borders.


“They (whites) walked across that hot, sandy desert, into the land where long years of both trouble and joy awaited them; but – they finally made it. (Not all. Many died in the desert.) – Elijah Muhammad


Once again…the white man repeating history. He claims that during the so-called slave trade that millions of slaves died on the ships along the way. The Atlantic Ocean is a Hurricane Ocean and the whole narrative of the slave trade and how they say it happened is fishy in and of itself.

(To be Continued)