Tricknology of the White Man – Pt. 11

Leaving off from White Man’s First Rise to Power Pt. 8 (Infection of the Virus). This is the white man’s initial attack on civilization. The presence of the white man has been causing nothing but problems in the regions where they attacked and they caused a disruption among the Civilizations of the Near East.

Before we Continue…I’ll Quickly and very briefly go over Previous Information to help better Understand THIS initial Post or Maybe I’ll just split it up. I don’t want to make each post extremely long.

Let’s Continue

To quickly go back to Making of the Grafted White Man (Ancient Accounts) Pt. 10.

Yakub – A Master Occultist


One of the Black Gods.

If the Black Man Made the Devil, then is he the Devil?

“Since we have learned the Mr. Yakub was an original man (black) the ignorant of our people may say:

“If Yakub was a black man and the father of the devils, then he was a devil”. That is like saying:

“The Horse is as much a mule as the mule.” “Or, that an Orange or lemon is as much grapefruit as the grapefruit: because the grapefruit is grafted from the orange and lemon. They are not alike because the grafted is no longer original.” – Elijah Muhammad

White people and black people are NOT the same. Never have been and never will be.

Yakub was a Master Occultist, Alchemist, Magickian and a Black God in one. Some would say that Yakub was out of his mind or insane to do what he did. None the less, he had a plan and brought it into fruition through the use of his will. That is what Magick is! Bending reality to your will and this is the Black Man’s Science. To be fair, white people make more use of it, because other people and Black people in particular have ABANDONED their own science!

Many black people are still stuck on waiting for Jesus who is a bloody white man on a stick (or a white man on their wall) to come and save them. You’re worshipping a grafted weaker version of yourself. What in the hell is wrong with you?  So if you’re not going to use it (You’re God-given science)…they (white people) may as well use it and they have been.


They (A small percentage of white people who know what’s going on..the so-called 1%) have been using your own science against you. You think that’s its a coincidence that you have Catholic missionaries going all over the world trying to convert people to THEIR interpretation of the Bible? We know white people are a World Minority so most of the people that they are converting or trying to convert are non-white. Real Humans and not Artificial Humans (more on that later).

Briefly : The initial grafting of the white race in the Isolated Area(s) consisted of :

  1. The  first 200 years, Yakub (Jacob) had done away with black babies, and all were brown.
  2. After another 200 years, he had all yellow or red. This was 400 years after the intial grafting was set in motion.
  3. Another 200 years, which brings us to the six hundredth year (200 x 3 =600), Yakub had an all pale white race of people in this isolated area. White people are they Youngest and latest breed of people to come on the planet. They have not been here for a very long time compared to everybody else by any means.
  4. Of course, Yakub did not live for this entire grafting process (600+ years); but his ideas continued to be put into practice by his followers.
  5. This gives you a clue at a part of the reason why some so-called Black people tend to have this fascination or infatuation with white people and vice versa. The white man spits in their face, then they wipe off the spit and sadly go RIGHT BACK to this white man for approval. *sigh*

(More on this later)

Tricknology Of the White Man

There was no good taught to the white people in the Isolated grafting area (s). Yakub taught his made devils (white people)

“That – when you go back to the holy black nation, rent a room in their homes. Teach your wives to go out the next morning around the neighbors of the people, and tell that you heard her talking about them last night….

“When you have gotten them fighting and killing each other, then ask them to let you help settle their disputes, and restore peace among them. If they agree, then you will be able to rule them both.” – Message to the Blackman

This method is what the white race have been doing over and over again across the world. They still do it to this day. A good example would be…this…

Just look at white liberals and the Democratic party itself that so many black Americans are in love with. The Democratic party has done NOTHING for you and they never will. They fool you year after year and you still don’t learn.

Your beloved Democratic party is the same party that gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan. Your beloved Democratic party is the same party that fought to the death to keep you (black people) in slavery. When are you (black people in particular) going to learn that these people Democratic or Republic don’t GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU?

The colonizing invaders. Slithered your way across the water and took over. They can’t help but try to control everything. It’s what they were made to do. They were given a time limit to rule and that’s what they have been doing, but now their time is up. White Western Civilization has been going downhill since 1914. They are on their way off the face of the earth. They were made to come and go. There’s no hope for them. A few can save themselves but all in all it’s over. White America is finished. All the mistreatment is coming right back on to them.

One thing that white liberals understand, that black people don’t is that they (white liberals) KNOW that they are still WHITE in America. They can blend in, but so-called black people can’t. White liberals are no good.

(Below) This bitch is pure evil. She out deviled the Devil. She is a small fragment of the rest of the stooges and her so-called husband included. A segment of Black Americans think that she is their friend…they’re out of there mind to think so. White liberals/Conservatives and so on are not your friend. Black people are fooling themselves to take these folks otherwise.