Conditions of Cave Life for the White Man (Feces) Pt. 14

Leaving off from Post 12

The whites were banished from civilization. Their presence caused a heap of trouble among the holy people and eventually they learned who was causing the trouble. As you have learned the holy black nation cast the troublemakers (whites) out into the worst and poorest part of our planet earth.

“They were punished by being deprived of divine guidance, for 2,000 years which brought them almost into the family of wild beasts- going on all fours; eating raw and unseasoned food, uncooked food; living in caves and tree tops, climbing and jumping from one tree to another.”

“Even today, they like climbing and jumping. The monkeys are from them, Before their time, their were no such things as monkeys, apes and swine.” –

Elijah Muhamamd, Message to the Blackman

…”going on all fours”

Below is a Turkish Family. Near that same Caucasus Mountain region

…”eating raw unseasoned, uncooked food”

…”living in caves and tree tops, climbing and jumping from one tree to another.”

“Even today, they like climbing and jumping.”

“Being without a guide, they started walking on their hands and feet like all the animals; and, learned , to climb trees as well as any of the animals. At night, they would climb up into the trees, carrying large stones and clubs, to fight the wild beasts at night, to keep them from eating their families.” – Elijah Muhammad

According to Elijah Muhammad :

“They lost all knowledge of civilization. The Lord, God of Islam, taught me that some of them tried to graft themselves back into the black nation, but they had nothing to go by. A few were lucky enough to make a start, and got as far as what you call a gorilla. In fact, all of the monkey family are from this 2,000 year history of the white race in Europe.” -Message to the Blackman

“…they became so savage that they lost all their sense of shame”. – Message to the Blackman

“They started going nude as they are doing today (and leading the so called Negroes into the very acts).”


“They became shameless. In the winter they wore animal skins for clothes and grew hair all over their bodies and faces like the other wild animals.”

Left without shelter, the Caucasians began to live in the innumerable caves which nature had carved in the limestone hills. Thousands of small caverns can still be found along the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.

W. Boyd Dawkins

“…compelled by the pressure of some great calamity, to flee for refuge, and to lead a half-savage life in these inclement caves… they were cut off from the civilization to which they had been accustomed.” – Cave Hunting, Researches on the Evidence of Cavesm Respecting the Early Inhabitants of Europe (London: MacMillan & Co., 1874) Pg. 102-103

The Holy Quran – Al Kahf

“And thou mightiest see the sun, when it rose, decline from their cave to the right, and when it set leave them behind on the left, while they were in a wide space thereof…And thou mightiest think them awake while they were asleep, and we turned them about to the right and to the left, with their dog outstretching its paws at the entrance. If thou didst look at them, thou wouldst be filled with awe because of them.”

The whiteman’s best friend…the dog. (more on that)

The whites also, lived in small man made hollows. The hollows would be simple man made tunnels, 10-15 feet deep and wide enough for them to crawl through. At the end of the tunnels would be a den. These hollows offered the white man refuge and safety, where he could hide, eat and sleep. –O. Schrader, Prehistoric Antiquitites of the Aryan Peoples, translated by Frank Byron Jfvons (London: Griffin & Co,. 1890) Pg 340-341

In times of bitter cold, the white man would cover the entrance of his hollow with their own poop or feces.

Using their own feces was a way for them to keep warm during winter months. The warmth and steam from the poop would serve as a way to humidify the inside of the hollow that they were living in. The white people would sleep, eat, have sex ontop of in and around their own feces.

Where do you think scat porn comes from?

Links for proof (Below)

Click Here…Not for the squeamish

Click Here. These are the people who the WORLD thinks are so SUPERIOR

When the summer months came and they moved into warmer climates, the whites would shed their fur. As a result, they would get burnt from the sun. In order for the white people to keep their skin from burning, they smeared themselves in feces. This was an ancient form of sun block for them.

They would smear themselves in their own feces to block the sun. Now they use sun block. Sun block and sunscreen is for white people because they have very little melanin in their skin. WE ARE NOT THE SAME.

Where do you think Mud wrestling comes from?

They would literally be in caves having shit fights.



“They also have the habit of hollowing out underground caves, which they cover with masses of manure…Such shelters temper the keenness of the frosts.”Germania, translated by H. Mattingly (New York: Penguin Books, 1970) Pg. 115

The white cave people would share their hollows and tunnels with “goats, sheep, cattle, fowls and their young“. All of the animals were reared and took their fodder. – Xenophon Anabasis, Books IV-VII, translated by Carlton L. Brown (London: Harvard University. Press, 1922) Pg. 110-111

(To be Continued)