Whites Lie Themselves into History Pt. 13


Leaving off from the last post.

The whites were exiled into the hills and Cave-sides of Europe. They were without anything to start civilization and became savages. They remained in this condition for 2,000 years. This is related to how white historians are in a frenzy to reconstruct and white wash history. The white people who take their time to reconstruct history are doing so because they are trying to validate their existence in a world that they initially played little to no part in. They are trying to…

  1. Validate their existence on Planet Earth. They (white people) were not always here…so to make up for lost time…they
  2. Place themselves in parts of history before they even existed,
  3. Parts of history that had absolutely nothing to do with them and all with the intent of trying to
  4. Make themselves fit into the bigger picture

This is part of the reason why people across the world have been deceived into accepting “white-ness” as the thing to strive for. People across the world (non white) want to talk like white people, dress like them, look like them, act like them and basically do whatever they can do to identify with white people or just fit into white society. People tend to fall for the illusion of whiteness not only because of white washed history but the images that they see in movies, television as well. A picture speaks a thousand words?

People seem to not understand or forget how much images in the media play a part in conditioning how they think about themselves, the world and the people in it.  As well as,  conditioning how they SEE the world that they live in. White people have been successful at presenting themselves in multiple forms of media (movies, tv shows, books, magazines etc.)  with the image of continuously being in prosperous /attractive positions. They’re the super heroes, white saviors (movies where the white person saves the day), being in charge and so on.

Their whole sense of self-worth is based on of lies and the world seems to strive to be like them based off a perception being influenced by things that aren’t even true.

In other words… (White Man’s Burden)

I have to lie to you about myself…just so you can accept me. I know the truth about who I am and I know what my true weakness is, but I can’t let you see me in a fragile position. So…my burden is to keep presenting myself in certain ways so you can keep believing that …

I’m Better Than You

I have to be ontop and in charge of everything and everybody else. I need to see people who are not like me…to be beneath me. Its necessary that i see you in your lowest state so you can rely on me to help you. Plus, I need to BELIEVE that…

You are stupid, dumb, and inferior to me in numerous levels….so I can


They really fool people into believing that it was them (white people) who civilized the world. History actually proves everything to the contrary.