White Man’s Genetic Inadequacy & Caucasus Walls Pt. 15

***Warning (Explicit Images in Post and Links)

Have you ever wondered why Hadrians Wall, The Wall of Cumania and numerous other great walls were erected throughout ancient civilizations? There made and built to keep something out!  A virus that has mentally and physically affected the whole world.

After the Caucasians were banished to live in Hills and Cave-sides of Europe they were roped in. Not literally roped in, but there were methods of erecting borders to keep them away from civilization and to contain them into the poorest part of the Earth. This lays to the fact of why so many European Nations have been raping the richest land of resources…Africa. Europe has much of nothing. So it makes sense of why they just about conquered every people that they have come in contact with. Not only conquered them, but also killed off large parts of their populations. Some no longer exist.

White people globally are a minority… 1/10.  Non white people make up the other 9/10. These non white people (mainly the men) can wipe white people out of existence just procreating with them. They can annihilate white people with their seed. White people cannot totally wipe anyone out of existence genetically. They’re genetic recessive…respectfully. The only means they have is violence. Darker skinned people who have the highest melanin content are the most capable of genetically annihilating white people out of existence. This is particularly true with the Darker Skinned Men.

Look at what happened in Moorish Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe when these so-called Black people were there in rulership.

The Moors tried to graft the white people back into the original, but they were unsuccessful. The Spanish Inquisition came about and the Moors were expelled from Spain. It would have taken close to another 500 -700 years to graft the white people back into the original, but the Moors just did not have the time.

Look at Sicilian People today…a lot of them know about this history, but are too ashamed to speak about it. The structure of La Cosa Nostra is Moorish. A lot of Italian Culture has been influenced by these Moors.


The Moors were slinging nothing but pure Penis with those white women while they were ruling Europe. They also civilized the European, but that’s to be put in another post. Look at Donald Trump and examine how he has slowly peeled away the civility of White Americans. Donald Trump is doing nothing but TAKING THEIR MASKS OFF.



Italians…. You can even look at some of them them today and their skin isn’t even white. Some of them have an olive skin tone and some even look almost orange! This is why at  point in time white women would say :

“I like my man Tall, Dark and Handsome”

All these white women dating Black Professional Athletes and so on. It no coincidence. Although, I think that a lot of these women (NOT ALL) regardless of whatever race they may be are just using these men and are only with them for their income.

Let’s Continue

The whites were closed off in the hills and caves-sides of Europe. The dark, olive-skinned Peoples used borders to keep them in and away from civilization.

“Once they were there, they were roped in, to keep them out of Paradise. To make sure, the Muslims, who lived along the borders of East and West Asia, were ordered to patrol the border to keep Yakub’s devils on West Asia, so that the original nation of black men could live in peace; and that the devils could be alone to themselves, to do as they pleased, as long as they didn’t try crossing the East border.’ – Elijah Muhammad

The facts show that after the whites were put into the Caucasus Mountains, a series of walls were built. Evidence shows that massive structures of stone and wood covered with iron were placed along the narrow passages of the Mountains and this blocked any travel into or out of that part of the world.

These great walls were built with the purpose of keeping the white people away from civilization and from causing more trouble than what they already have. Even today, it has been proven time and time again that nobody on earth can live In peace with the white man. Constant fighting and so on. Because the genetic inadequacy of the white man…being unable to annihilate anyone with his recessive genes…he now compensates by creating bombs and missiles in the shape of a phallus drops it on people and annihilates them that way.

SSN 774 Virgina Class Submarine
Phallic Symbol. The white man creates a submarine and calls the people onboard Seamen (Semen).



Phallic Symbol. The white man has to make them bigger to compensate for his own inadequacy. Big truck, big missile etc.


They even obsess over interracial porn. Always making weird comments about the Black cock.
White man always like to watch


The white man and his Cuckhold fantasy




Malcolm X


Malcolm X, stated that the sexual perversion he was asked to perform most often by white men was for him, as a Black male, to have sexual intercourse with white females in their presence, while they (white men) looked on.

This behavioral pattern on the part of white males, instead of being dismissed as a perversion, can be understood when viewed as white males’ fantasized indentification with Black Males’  capacity to give conceptual products of color to white females – something white females desperately desire but white males cannot fulfill.

Further vivid testimony is given by Black males who have engaged in sexual intercourse with white females. These men report that frequent utterance of white females is that they wish to have Black babies. – Frances Cress Welsing

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