Great Walls Built to Banish White Man from Civilization Pt. 16

Travel in and out of the Caucasus mountains is only possible through a small number of narrow passages. The facts show that after the whites had arrived in that area, an extensive series of walls were erected. sealing off all exits, coming down, out of the hills. As mentioned and explained in earlier posts, the whites were banished from civilization and cast out from among the Original Dark-olive skinned peoples. Their arrived caused nothing but problems amongst the Original people and they agreed to send as many of the away as they could find.

The whites were placed into one of the poorest parts of our Planet Earth and left there to stay. Now…do you think that it’s a coincidence that white people have now tried to reverse roles? You think it’s a coincidence of why so many so called African Americans live in some of the poorest neighborhoods? I think that all the whiteman is doing is repeating history…or at least trying to. lead_960The white man was forcefully PUT into the hills and caves sides of Europe.

IF the whiteman was so smart…Why would he go live in the ice and snow? Why would he leave paradise…where vegetation is plush, food is plentiful and the weather suitable? To add to that .. the most natural phenomenon in our universe (the sun) seeks to kill the Causcasian race. The sun is an enemy to the whiteman.


Evidence shows that massive walls of stone had been put in place for keeping the white tribes from crossing back over into civilization.

Gates of the Caucasus

The Gates of the Caucasus, appear in many descriptions of many writers.


Pliny came face to face with these ancient walls that were erected in the Caucasus Mountains. Pliny described a gigantic gate, which stood blocking one of the passage ways. He even stated that these Caucasus Walls had been

“erected for the purpose of barring the passage of the innumerable tribes.” – Pliny, Natural History, vol. II, book VI translated by H. Rackham (Cambride: Harvard University Press, 1938) Pg. 359

H.N Wethered

This historian, also talks about how a series of fortresses had once been used as barricades in all the exits along the Caucasus Mountains.

‘The gates of the Caucasus were barred with beams shod with iron… Here was Cumania, a fortress erected to keep back the savage tribes beyond.”The Mind of the Ancient World ( New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1937) Pg. 270

He Continues…

“…so Europe and Asia were divided by many straits and narrow passages …(here) we see the habitable world severed, as it were into two parts by the partition guarded by the two gates.”- The Mind of the Ancient World ( New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1937) Pg. 270


The whiteman can do nothing but distort history and make attempts at trying to repeat it, in order to put himself in a position to make himself matter on a giant picture that originally had nothing to do with him. I’m sure many white people like to make themselves believe that all of this has to do with them, but it doesn’t. The similiarity of the divided gates are close to the United States and Mexico. Donald Trump wants to do what?… BUILD A WALL. Coincidence?

These mentioning of the gates of the Caucausus are only a couple of many more writings.

In 1781 an explorer journeyed to the Caucaus mountains for the purpose of inspecting the walls for himself.


“…there in front of us was a wall and tower, partly fallen, built right across the defile, here only 20 fathoms broad with an impassable mountain on either side. Remains such as these of frontier fortresses I have found right through the Caucasus from one sea to the othe ri all the narrowest defiles giving passage through the mountains.”Tagebuch, Pg. 33-34. cited by John F. Baddeley, The Rugged Flanks of the Caucasus, vol. 1 (London: Oxford University Press, 1940), Pg. 155

The Walls of the Caucasus were a series of walls that blocked all of the exits along that area from one sea to the other. This shows that the Caucasus tribes were roped in and the intention was for them to stay roped in and they were prevented from ever coming back across the border and back into civilization amongst the Dark, Olive skinned people.

The Caucasus Walls were kept under constant watch by armed guards who stood and defended the border from attack. The guards developed a system of communication whereby they were able to pass messages back and forth among one another, from one end to the border all the way over to the other.

John F. Baddely

“…at one time the sentinels stationed along it at regular intervals could pass a message vocally all the way from Derbend to Constantinople in an incredibly short space of time.”Rugged Flanks of the Caucasus, Vol. 2 (London: Oxford University Press, 1940) Pg. 155

The white man doing nothing but repeating history. He’s doing to other what was done to him, but for different reasons. He’ll make up any excuse to justify it.
White-man repeating history


…”the fortification of these narrow defiles was the simplest and least expensive in regard to upkeep of any possible method of frontier defense in the Caucasus.”Rugged Flanks of the Caucasus, Vol. 2 (London: Oxford University Press, 1940) Pg. 156


IN spite of this well organized defense, the roving gangs of whites would occasionally slip past the weak spots along the border.

Hanging on the backs of horses, the savage white-man would plunder his way southward towards civilization.

William Hardy McNeil

He details on how persistant the white man was in trying to break thought the guarded region.

“Raiding the richer, civilized regions lying to the south of the steppe zone was a constant temptation. Any weakening in the guard which civilized rulers maintained against such raids was quickly discovered by the casual parties of nomad horsemen, probing southward on the lookout for whatever they could pick up.”- A World History (New York: Oxford University Press, 1967) Pg. 113


Whiteman still riding horseback. Nothing has really changed.


(To be Continued)