Jewish Participation in International Slave Trade Pt. 1




Throughout history Jews have faced charges of exploitation of non –Jewish communities around the world. The charges include monopolization, usury, deceiving selling practices, frequent bankruptcies and so on. There have been attempts on the part of Jews to reconstruct history in order to hide certain things as if they never happened. The lies of Jews have caused the manipulation of people from all walks of life. So-called whites, So-called Blacks, So-called called Hispanics/ Latinos, So called Asians etc. Mainly white people.

Whites who have taken on a racist attitude have always been manipulated by these people and they’ve fallen for the lies ever since they started coming to the Americas. Now, generation after generation has to deal with the nonsense that racist whites have been feeding to their children and everyone else has to put up with their bullshit. Generation after generation being fed ignorance and stupidity. Black people, Hispanics and so on are just reacting to White racism. You see the effects of this today.

The white man was meant to be here for a short amount of time and his time is already up. His world is collapsing.

When you see the photographs of people being lynching and the folks smiling in the background…where have these people gone? They haven’t gone anywhere. They’re still living amongst us today. They’re working at your local police department, they’re your Lawyers, Judges, Bosses, Supervisors, Co-workers, Presidents, Mayors, Governors, CEO’s, team owners and the list goes on and on.hqdefault


(Leaving off from the charges mentioned earlier)

These are not the only charges against the Jews. Jews have been convincingly linked to the greatest criminal endeavor ever pushed forward against an entire race of people – a crime against humanity…which is the Black/African Holocaust. They were participants in the kidnapping and exportation of millions of Black African Citizens in a brutal and inhumane life of bondage for the financial benefit of Jews and Jews only. The Lies of the Jews went so far as to even deceive so –called Black people into thinking that ALL of them were brought on slave ships to the Americas… when in actuality many of so-called African Americans are native to the Americas and even have ancestors who were already traveling back and forth across the water.

The effects of this crime is still lingering and being felt by the peoples of the world today. The so called – founding fathers of the Americas are the founders of nothing. They’re lying criminals plain and simple. Today, You see these folks wrapped in suits to make themselves look sophisticated, but looks are deceiving.

The Jews and other whites have treated and continue to treat the Dark, Olive skinned peoples as if they are worthless, but yet everything that they have was off of the backs of these Darker- skinned people (so called Black people). Whites would not even exist on the planet had it not been for Darker skinned people. They have and continue to leech off of Blacks even to this day. Whether it be in the general work place, sports industry, music industry, spiritual occult aspects of history (hidden knowledge) and so on. They even feed off of the attention that non-Jews and non-whites give them.

They keep white washing history with the intent to try and make themselves matter. Trying to create a history for themselves that never existed. When the Jewish media reports a police shooting on the news….they already know how Black people (In particular) are going to respond. It’s like they have a programmed response. They know that people are going to get upset, march, protest, riot, complain, bicker back and forth about racism and who’s in the SPOTLIGHT…Jews and/white people. You make them matter by focusing all of your attention onf them. You’re validating their existence. Whenever anything gets reported on the news….you need to ask yourself …Who benefits?



They’ve been on perpetual welfare. Stiff, no talent in much of anything sitting in an office, wrapped in an expensive suit or on a side line, press box, classroom, or laboratory pretending to be sophisticated tricking the people who believe that they’re superior and so on. You’re so superior and natural to the planet, but yet you can’t even be in the sun without it eventually burning your pale skin and making you sick. The sun has always sought to kill the European.untitled


In the Jewish historical record is the irrefutable evidence that the most prominent Jews at that time used kidnapped Blacks disproportionately more than any other ethnic or religious group in New World History and participated in every aspect of the international slave trade.

The massive wealth of Jews, as well as most of the white colonial fathers, was acquired by the brutal enslavement of Blacks purely on the basis of skin color. The Jews were very complicit in Black slavery. Jews and the white forefathers along with their descendants would have much of nothing without Black slavery. They weren’t going to do any hard work. Their pale white bodies couldn’t handle that sun. They’d get skin cancer at a faster rate than they already are.

Rabbi Henry Cohen

“The parallels between the Nazi terror and the American slave trade are more startling than we may realize. When Negroes were brought from the heart of Africa to the American South, one- third died enroute to the African Coast and one-third died in suffocating prisons on board ship. Once here, families were purposely broken up; husbands, wives, and children forced to go their separate ways. Must we be reminded of the death toll in the suffocating boxcars bound for Auschwitz or of the tearing of children from their mothers’ arms.” – Justice, Justice: A Jewish View of the Black Revolution (New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1968) Pg. 48

Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht

“Whether so many Southern Jews would have achieved so high a level of social, political. Economic and intellectual status and recognition, without the presence of the lowly and degraded slave, is indeed dubious. How ironic that the distinctions bestowed upon Jewish men like Judah P. Benjamin were in some measure dependent upon the sufferings of the Negro slaves they bought and sold with such equanimity.” – The Fate of the Jews: A People Torn Between Israeli Power and Jewish Ethics (New York: Times Books, 1983) Pg. 187-188, note 5.

(To be Continued)