Jewish Participation in the ‘African’ Slave Trade Pt. 2

The no good Jews

In the practice of purchasing and selling human beings, Jews have been well involved in the practice.

Solomon Grayzel

“Jews were among the most important slave dealers” in European Society. – A History of the Jew: From Babylonian Exile to the End of World War II (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1948) Pg. 312

Lady Magnus

“The principal purchasers of slaves were found among the Jews…They seemed to be always and everywhere at hand to buy, and to have the means equally ready to pay.”Outlines of Jewish History, revised by M. Friedlander (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1980) Pg. 107; Jewish Encyclopedia, vol. II (New York and London: Funk and Wagnalls, 1905 – 1916) Pg. 402 “At the time of Pope Gregory the Great (590-604) Jews had become the chief traders in this class of traffic.”

Henry L. Feingold

“Jews who were frequently found at the heart of commerce could not have failed to contribute a proportionate share to the slave trade directly or indirectly. In 1460, when Jews were the masters of the nautical sciences in Portugal, that nation was importing 700-800 slaves yearly.” Zion in America: The Jewish Experience from Colonial Times to the Pesent (New York: Twayne Publishing, 1974) Pg. 42-43

The Jews’ participation and particularly their trafficking of non – Jewish slaves, incited anger amongst Europe’s non Jewish population. As a result, the non Jewish Europeans reacted by taxing the Jews and some were expelled from their host countries for this very activity.

The expulsion of Jews by European governments was far from unusual.

By 1500, with the exceptions of certain parts of Italy, Western Europe had begun to or already had closed its doors to Jewish People. –Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, “Between Amsterdam and New Amsterdam: The Place of Curcao and the Caribbean in Early Modern Jewish History.” PAJHS, vol. 72 (1982-1983), Pg. 173; Lee Anne Durham Seminario, The History of the Blacks, The Jews and the Moors in Spain (Madrid, 1975) Pg. 40-42

Partial List of  Countries and Years of the Jews’ Expulsion  from European Countries

  • Mainz, 1012
  • France, 1182
  • Upper Barvaria, 1276
  • England, 1290
  • France, 1306
  • France, again in 1322
  • Saxony, 1349
  • Hungary, 1360
  • Belgium, 1370
  • Slovakia, 1380
  • France, for a third time in 1394
  • Austria, 1420
  • Lyons, 1420
  • Colongne, 1424
  • Mainz, for a second time in 1438
  • Augsburgh, 1439
  • Upper Barvaria, Again in 1442
  • Netherlands, 1444
  • Brandenburgh, 1446
  • Mainz, for a third time in 1462
  • Mainz, for a fourth time in 1483
  • Warsaw, 1483
  • Spain, 1492 (This is same period when the Black Muslims (Moors) fell in Spain. *******(SEE VIDEO BELOW)*******
  • Italy, 1492
  • Lithuania, 1495
  • Portugal, 1496
  • Naples, 1496
  • Navarre, 1498
  • Nuremberg, 1498
  • Brandenbugh, for a second time in 1510
  • Prussia, 1510
  • Genoa, 1515
  • Naples, for a second time in 1533
  • Italy, for a second time in 1540
  • Naples, for a third time in 1541
  • Prague, 1541
  • Genoa, for a second time in 1550
  • Bavaria, 1551
  • Prague, for a second time in 1557
  • Papal States, 1569
  • Hungary, for a second time in 1582
  • Hamburg, 1649
  • Vienna, 1669
  • Slovakia, for a second time in 1744
  • Bohemia / Moravia, 1744
  • Moscow, 1891

Over the next few centuries the Jewish evelopment slithered into the Western Hemisphere, where land and commercial opportunities provided the incentives for immigration. This was a chance for the Jews to ‘set up shop’ and wreck havoc on the indigenous population. The docile population were an irresistible attraction to the SO -CALLED JEWS. They aquaired massive amounts of wealth in their Caribbean and South American enterprises and eventually moved into the American Northeast, which became the economic focal point. The focal turned into Particulary :

New York…Jew York City.

This started the expulsion of the Jews from the Spanish Empire and with early explorer and so -called discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus. He didn’t really discover America. Queen Isabella signed the expulsion decree, but he was funded by a dirty wealthy family or families. Some historians say that is was Dirty Moors who funded him and on the other hand many Jewish Historians, proclaim that it was wealthy Jews who financed the expeditions of Columbus.


Manipulation, Lies & Regarding 1492


White People have always been manipulated by Jews. They’ve always been lied to and manipulated. That whole sense of arrogance, intellectual superiority, the false sense of superiority based on the white washing of history is based off of lies. Jewish Hollywood shows the Holy Roman Empire as Caucasians and everybody believes it. It’s hard to fathom Dark skinned people ruling over you and in actuality THEY DID. They not only ruled over you, but they MADE you and HELPED YOU.



(To be Continued)