White Genetic Survival & Disease of White Culture Pt. 17

Whites don’t have the ability produce that substance which the other 9/10 of the planet has naturally. So the whites have to justify who they are by making you think that their genetic deficiency is a beauty standard and your genetic power is a UGLY flawed thing to have. By  believing this… the non whites foolishly skin bleach and try their HARDEST TO IDENTIFY WITH ‘WHITE- NESS’ 

First of all…

The very fact that a system of ‘white supremacy’ exists actually proves that white people are not supreme in any way, shape or form. 

If you were really supreme over Black people and other non whites 

  • You wouldn’t need to establish a system  that’s designed to mistreat them and keep them beneath you. 
  • You wouldn’t need to Colonize these people.
  • You wouldn’t need to keep white washing history 
  • You wouldn’t need to keep distorting Black history in movies, Tv shows, books, school curriculum and MAKING IT SEEM AS IF THEY HAVE NO HISTORY EXCEPT BEING SLAVES OR SPEAR CHUCKING IN AFRICA. Even going so far as attempting to completely wipe them out of history as if they didn’t exist til the 1600’s  
  • You wouldn’t need to drug the communities 
  • You wouldn’t need to keep fucking with these people left and right 
  • If black people are ‘dumb monkeys’ like white peoples including many others who like to say that as well… then why not just leave them alone to stew in their own madness?  But see You can’t! YOU CANT’T. White people wouldn’t even EXIST on earth without darker skinned people. 


IF white peoples went through half the crap that particularly Black people have been through over the past six (6) to seven (7) centuries or to be be nice….since the past 100 years ….white people would commit suicide. Tasty white tears.

  • They’re already losing their shit because someone chooses to sit down for some stupid national anthem.
  • They’re already losing their shit because of Non white super heroes or Idris Elba potentially playing James Bond in 007.
  • White fragility at its finest…white tears…yum!


IF white people  are so superior mentally, physically, genetically and are the greatest thing to walk the earth … then why are they the only group who are at a minus birth rate and can hardly naturally reproduce themselves? They can’t even be in the sun with out getting sick.  The most natural phenomenon in the Universe (the Sun) is an enemy to’whites’. 

The Sun has always sought to kill the European ever since they were grafted

What does that mean?

It means that they were never meant to be here. The only reason they are here is due to human experimentation. The Caucasian race has not been here for very long. So it makes sense of why European Historians, archaeologists etc., are so hell bent on reconstructing history. They’re digging old bones all over the world and can’t find themselves anywhere. So movies, TV shows, books, magazines and various other forms of media are used to boost up the image of whiteness with the attempt to make themselves matter, with the attempt to justify who they are and what they do. This is done because deep down white peoples have really done nothing! They’re not doing anything new.

One of the biggest problems with the people that whites have ‘conquered’ is that they begin living the culture of white people. What do i mean?

They begin to adopt and accept the abnormality of white culture as something normal.

For example, when whites were driven from civilization and roped into the caves and hillsides of Europe … they were basically put into one of the worst parts of our planet earth and left there to stay. They were not wanted. Being in a cold, harsh environment food and vegetation was scarce. This being the case, whenever the whites would get something to eat they would STUFF themselves full because they didn’t know when their next meal would come. So they ate and ate and ate some more whenever they got the chance. They would basically over eat themselves.

They would fight each other over food and resources because they didn’t have anything. It’s no wonder why one of the reasons European nations went about killing and colonizing other lands and people was for resources. Europe has nothing. Europe HAS NOTHING! Africa is mainly the only continent on earth that can sustain itself without any outside interference. It’s rich in resources! Whites did a great amount of the colonizing and conquering to put an ease at the fact that they are a world minority (1/10 or less of the world population).

Fast forward today, the white man has been hot for the past 400 years (which is not a long time) and has made quite a world for himself. Regarding the abnormality…. the people living white culture in North America, Europe, South Africa and wherever /whoever whites have colonized and ‘conqured’… they over eat as well.

In white culture you’re told to eat three (3)  meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  You do not need to eat three meals a day. Three (3) meals is nothing more than you over eating. That’s what white people did in those Caucasus Mountains. They had 3 meals or more.  They ate and ate and ate til they were stuffed. Now, that behavior is playing itself out in the cultures that have been catered to suit them (whites) and everybody else follows.

Over eating …it’s THEIR culture
Non whites (especially Black people) have been conditioned to believe that if a white person does it …it’s the right thing to do. If a white man say it… then it’s the truth. Of course this is not always  the case.

The ignorance of the white man is that food gives you energy. When you eat the food actually just sits there in your stomach. Your body is actually doing everything to get rid of the crap you just ate. If food really gave you energy …why do you feel like going to sleep after a meal?

The very nature of the white man is destructive. He can mainly do nothing but sell you things that do nothing but destroy you and he’ll even destroy himself in the process. The bad foods, the warmongering, the capitalizing off the drug trade, mass incarceration and so on. They need to be in constant conflict. It’s impossible to live in peace with the white man. He’ll even use poor whites as collateral damage.
Whites are a world minority… the TRUE & REAL minorities. They make up 1/10 of the population and the other 9/10 are non white people. The other 9/10 have the capacity to genetically annihilate white people just by procreating with them. The darker skinned people have the greatest capacity to do so because they have the highest melanin content.

People say that we should love everybody…but how can you love anybody if you don’t even love who you are? People all over the world getting sick and killing themselves from skin bleaching…fools.

You look and the Chinese, Korean and Japanese of old and they we’re brownish. Now they’re pasty white. So many Chinese and other globally people getting skin diseases from skin bleaching. You’ve been fooled into valuing a weaker version of yourself!
They want artificially that which you have naturally
If Whites were to love everybody they would disappear. Give it a good 150-209 years and there won’t be much of them left and that’s whether theyre mated with or not.

They were only created to be here for a short time and their time has been up since 1914. The white mans world has barely been standing for 250 years and it’s already collapsing.

(To be Continued)