The ‘White’ Race – The Virus That Infected the World Pt. 18

You want me to say something fine, I’ll say something

YOU… you people

you’re not a race, YOU ARE A VIRUS 

The white man is a grafted man made being. The white man’s pale body can’t even be in the sun without getting sick

You destroy the world

Everything beautiful you poison 

You drag us from our homes

You rape our daughters, murder our sons


The Caucasian is a good killer. Gotta give it to them for that. Their history is filled with warmonger tendencies and blood. In constant war and constant conflict. It’s impossible to live in peace with the white man. He fights EVERYWHERE he goes

You crack our spines and do all you can to break our will

You stab us, then you put the knife in our hand and tell us its our fault 

Certain segments of white folks like to mock other people for being on Welfare but those sane white people have been on perpetual welfare. They say nothing about communities of white people to solely feed their family off of mass incarceration. So they benefit from the Drug wars, gang wars in inner cities, gang violence, the utter decay of non white communities and so on. Why would they bother wanting it to stop if they’re living off of the misfortunes and suffering of others? As long as it doesn’t disturb their white reality….everything is ALLLLL GOOD

and if you don’t do it yourself. you stand by, close your eyes, and pretend there’s nothing wrong

and then you pray to your god to silence our Screams so that you can enjoy the happiness we built for you with our blood

Never up to any good. This Human Artificial, grafted being. Made to be a liar and deceiver
To hell with the white fabrication of Jesus. Everything has to be white washed. Non whites are foolish enough to worship a weaker version of themselves and thinking that they’ll see a white man in heaven. Let me ask…How many white Christians would put up a black Jesus in their church and bow down to it?

But its not your fault, its the only way you know how to be

and the only thing that will change anything
Is if another virus comes along and does to you what you do to us

and i hope that happens very soon.

You reap what you sow and pay what you owe.

(To Be Continued)