White Man (Virus) Slips Pass Caucasus Walls -Pt. 19 

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Continuing from post # 16 Great Walls Built to Banish White Man from Civilization Pt. 16

“All So called Blacks were nothing but slaves”. Hmmm…does this look like a slave to you? Slave refers to Slavs. Slavic peoples. So called Black people, Moors etc are not Slavic people. They’re NOT Caucasian.

Before the white man took over and when the Dark, Olive skinned people (Moors, Moabites etc) ruled the World…THERE WERE NO WORLD WARS! THERE WAS NO RACISM! All the nonsense started as soon as the white man’s 6,000 years of ruling began. The whites have started and initiated EVERY World War and every major war in the West for over the past 150 years and counting ,but the media continually goes on a smear campaign to call Black Americans purely violent. Every U.S president that has been assassinsted was Assassinated by a white person.

But whites are OH SO INNOCENT? 😦

This show didn’t last that long. It was making white men look bad
Remember that show on NBC profiling all of those white pedophiles… To Catch a Predator? That was making white men look bad. Obviously the show no longer comes on. We all know if the show was only showing Black men ( in particular) and other non white men…then it would STILL be on TV or it would have lasted a lot longer. Just look that the First 48. If there is a show on white violence…it’ll be something on ID Discovery or the Lifetime channel about a murder that happens in the 80’s that nobody cares about. They’ll show an old repeat episode from the 90’s.

  • When have these Black Americans initiated a World War?
  • When have they exterminated entire nations of people?
  • Who have they colonized?
  • Who’s communities did they PURPOSEFULLY flood with drugs?
  •  What Presidents or politicians have they Assasinated?
  • When did Black people build nuclear bombs and even drop them on an entire city? Oh but they’re so violent?
  • The list goes on and on

All they type is ” Nigger this, Nigger that, Blah blah blah”
It’s crazy and funny how white people like to go anonymous on comments sections on News sites, YouTube comments sections and talk about “black crime” as if they care. They say some of the most nastiest things ever though of. It’s not just white people. It’s So called Arabs, Latinos, Asians calling Blacks monkeys too. I explained why in my previous post. 

Cry me a river of white cracker tears! They’re only bitching and complaining about it because it reinforces the mindset of them being better than black people. The white man is so stupid he doesn’t even realize that he relys on black peoples misfortunes in order for him (white man) to feel good about himself, justify who he is and how he thinks. The whites who think this way NEED to see black people (in particular) and other non whites in their worse state so that he/she (white people) can feel good about themselves and feel justified about who and what they are.

So white people can talk all this crap about a world   without black people. What joke! You white people wouldn’t even exist on earth had it not been for Dark, Olive skinned people making and grafting you. They could have easily killed you off from the beginning but they chose not to. Why? Because you whites are their children. No matter how bad you treat them… many will sadly keep forgiving you. You deserve no forgiveness. White people woudn’t have the wealth that they have nor the EXQUISITE things that they lie about themselves as far as history goes.

They sit there and say “Pray for Paris”… do you not remember how France got much of its wealth? Now the actions you dished out come back on you…you now want the world to feel sorry for you.

White scholars LOVE white washing black history. They steal all of the things , knowledge, spiritual information, occult secrets and inventions by Black people and then hide it. Next, they release the information in a book, tv show, or movie and say to the world “ HEY LOOK AT WHAT US WHITE PEOPLE HAVE DONE”.

White Christians say they LOVE and see no color. Haha how many of these White Christians would hang up a Black Jesus in their homes and churches?

It’s all a white washed lie. White people have nothing and have done NOTHING! They’ve only been on earth for a little over 6,000 years. That 1 second compared to the amount of time Dark, Olive skinned peoples have been here. White people are doing NOTHING NEW. There is nothing new under the sun. White people lie so that you can believe that they are smarter and more important than what they really are.

The Leakage of The VirusSlipping pass Caucasus Walls

What was the result of those who were able to, sneak pass the border?

Over the course of many years the roads running along the desert became infested with pockets of Caucasian bandits.  Hiding-out along roads and caravan routes, the robbers survived by preying upon travelers, often   murdering and stripping their victims of their possessions. The records of the region are replete  with references describing how the the marauders the would often hide inside a hole or behind some bush a near an isolated stretch of road and then jump out to beat the weary traveler with sticks while robbing  him of his cargo. One report, from the records of  ancient egypt, says of them:

“…the ways are not guarded roads. Men sit in the bushes until the benighted traveler comes, to take away his burden and steal what was on him. He is presented with the blows of a stick and slain wrongfully.” Ancient Near Eastern Texts, ed James B. Pritchard (New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1969) pg. 442

There are other accounts about the roving gangs of whites who managed to slip pass the Caucasus walls.

Lewis Spence 

 – Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria (London: George G. Harrap & Vo., 1916) Pg. 89-90

Devils of the Desert 

The white man have a very violent entrance into history. The white man’s history is dripping with blood and continues to do so.

A source from ancient Sumerian describes how the white devils would lay obstacles across the road and wait until unsuspecting people stopped to remove the obstacles, at which time the nomads would sneak up from behind and strike him down.

“The evil udug, which makes the solitary ways difficult to pass over, which goes forth in secret, covers up the ways … the robber, who cannot be forced back… they have struck down the wayfarring man as in a storm.”Myths of Babylonia , Pg. 35

Because of the new problem of the whites slipping past the Great Walls that were erected to keep them away, now a new set of walls had to be constructed.

The purpose of these walks were to keep the white bandits from closing in on the newly reconstructed cities. One of these Walls was known as the Median Wall.

Arnold Heeren 

“cut off by a wall of bricks, cemented with bitumen, which ran obliquely across the plain from the Euphrates to the Tigris, and was commonly called the Median Wall.”Historical Researches into the Politics, Intercourse and Trade of the Carthaginians, Ethiopians and Egyptians, Vol. 1 (Oxford: D.A Talboys, 1832) pg. 86

The Median Wall was one of many barricades that were erected to keep the white bandits away.

Do you see how history repeats itself and how white people try to reverse roles? Now you have white peoples who live in the suburbs that will call the police if they see a black person walking around. They establish “gated” communities to keep unwanted people away. Just like how the ancient Dark, Olive skinned people used armed guards to guard the Caucasus walls… the white residents in the suburbs have the Police Department. Nothing has changed. The white isn’t doing anything new and he can’t do anything new.

Instead of those white people doing that …the

  • Aborigine Australians
  • The Indigenous Africans In America (yes the case before the So called Native Americans),
  • so called Native Americans (Respectfully)
  • The Africans in the Continent
  • Tasmanian people
  • Taino Indians of Puerto Rico
  • Native Cubans
  • Hawaiians
  • And so on should have done something to keep white peoples away from them. Ever since they have came into contact with white people it has been to their OWN DETRIMENT.

They were foolish enough to let a walking virus influence how they lived.

THE ONLY reason the white man was able to take over is because the Original peoples of the planet were going through a stage of decline. They were going through a period or a cycle of sleep. That’s the only way the white man was able to do what he did. It was not because he was better or smarter.

The white man wouldn’t, and couldn’t exist when the Dark , Olive skinned peoples were at their highest state! Why do you think whites like to see Darker peoples of the world in a state of turmoil? Im mentioned earlier that it boosts certain white peoples sense of self worth. The very fact that they even grafted and made white peoples shows that the original Dark, Olive skinned peoples of the planet were going through a decline. I explain that in the earlier posts.


Explained that as many as “240,000 heavy armed men” had to guard a wall erected in Egypt to keep the white barbarians away.Aegyptiaca, translated by W.G. Waddell (Cambridge: Harvard University Press 1940) pg. 83

(To be Continued)