The End of White America – The Ride is Over Pt. 42





For instance, you see that the white man’s world is not dying a natural death. Everything that he lays his hand to is a failure. If he were ruling in righteousness, according to the teachings of the prophets of old, he would be prospering instead of being unsuccessful. Even in that in which he has prospered, he had only prospered and been successful in his wicked way.


We have lived in a hate that has had the depths of 6,000 years. It was a made hate. It wasn’t created in the Creation of God. He did not create hate. The creation, or the creature, made hate himself (the grafted white man). Therefore, he bore his own evil work and disunity for himself by falling into wars and wars after wars, due to his hate of self and the destruction of his own plans by his hands.






The white man is not natural to the planet and he is destructive by nature. Everywhere on the planet where he has gone to and every group of people that he has come into contact with has resulted in a negative outcome. He has committed genocide on various groups of people. The white man has poisoned the Land, Air and Water. He has wiped out various species of animals and even til this day he’s brung certain types of wildlife to the brink of extinction to satisfy his bloodlust of hunting for sport.

***White people are so natural to the planet, but yet one of the most natural phenomena in our known Universe (the sun) is seeking to kill them. 





The white man even likes to brag about his technological advancements with the intent of trying to make the world believe that he is smarter than what he really is. If you pay close attention you will notice that the white man’s technology is even destructive.


  • His electronic devices give cancers.
  • He’s already blown a hole in the atmosphere
  • His foods are poisonous and cause a slow death of it’s consumers.
  • His transportation pollutes the air and water with fumes and oil spills.
  • His way of curing diseases does nothing but create new diseases.
  • His unnatural way of curing ailments with pills… have caused an addiction epidemic.
  • His civilization is so advanced and prosperous that the societies  he rules over have the highest suicide rates. The list goes on and on.



The white man is a walking virus and he was made to be destructive. White people cannot help themselves because they were made like that.


The white man is the deadly enemy of the Black man. He was made for that purpose and he did not have to practice this long before he became
perfect in it. He was made a hater of black people. He can’t go change out of that today, because anything that is made by the nature of what it is doing and practicing, is of that work that it is doing. His work that he does of evil is only a reflection of himself, because he was made to be an evil opponent of ours to try us at evil, since we were created righteous and had no opponent to test our righteousness.




Then 6,000 years ago (Up from Our recorded history of 76 trillion years ago) one of our Black Scientists discovered, while practicing in a college laboratory, the behavior of germs. He found in us a germ that was a little weaker than the others. We refer to them as black and brown. He discovered this brown germ….After testing it he found that he could make a man from the brown germ through birth control. He went after it and it took him 600 years to bring this brown germ out of the black germ.

If we made the white man (grafted him out of ourselves), what can you tell us about him? There is not a Black person who can give the white race any credit for anything, even their own wickedness. We took life out of the germ of the Black Man and made a man out of it so that he would be totally wicked. This is what the Gods of the Black Man did. We know him. I know the white people. He has tried to hide the truth of himself.  We know of the white man and we are now taught the utmost knowledge of the man, to see whether the God of Justice is unjust for destroying him today. “God” is not doing so called black people an injustice by destroying the white race.

Yakub made the white man a bit over 6,000 years ago and he broke the 25,000 year ruling cycle to allow this 6,000 years of Caucasian rule. Once every 25,000 years we change “Gods”. Their wisdom is limited to 25,000 years. Yakub came from the year 9,000 to the year 15,000. Yakub’s civilization was to rule for 6,000 years until the year 15,000 of our calendar. A2714F55-333E-4D8F-9667-FAAB0C9A28ED

The wise theologians of the white man know all of this. They know their time is up. It went out in 1914.

Then why are Black people not ruling?

It is because many of them are still asleep. 



(To be Continued)